About Us

Our company

SHEA BUTTER WONDERS is a local natural Cosmetics company. We commit to offer high quality products under the brand SÉMOU (BEAUTY) to our customers in Canada. We design, manufacture and market a wide range of cosmetics  based on natural ingredients like Shea Butter, mainly from Fairtrade.

Our products include

  • Body care: including milk and body creams, scrubs and body lotions sun protection essentially based on shea butter.
  • Facials: including moisturizers and skin care products for face care, facial cleansers, facial masks, scrubs, face lotions, sunscreen
  • Tonic Lotion: including cleansing and astringent.
  • Hair care: including shampoos and conditioners.
  • Toiletries: including soap bars, shower gels, bubble baths
  • Care for men including shaving creams, after-shave creams for the face.
  • Fragrances: including perfumes and scented candles.

SÉMOU brand first line of products were created in 2010 by the founder, Mrs. Adrienne Coulibaly, who is still involved in the creation. Our products are now available for all Ottawa and across Canada and worldwide
Our target audience is mostly people concerned about their natural well-being. Our products are mainly manufactured using the most possible natural ingredients  and are often customized according to clients needs according to clients needs.